PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  ATLANTIS GEAR-HAUL EP  grades  are  premium  quality lubricants fortified with sulphur-phosphorus    type    of    EP   Additives.  They  have  excellent  anti-foam,  anti-rust,  anti-oxidation  and  demulsification characteristics making them ideal for systems subjected to heavy shock loads. ATLANTIS GEAR-HAUL EP  grades  are  marketed  over  a  wide  viscosity  ranges  to  take care of the variety of speed-load conditions encountered by the industries. These oils contain chemically active additives, which react with the metals of the gear’s teeth to form an anti-welding film between them.

APPLICATION: ATLANTIS GEAR-HAUL EP Grades are recommended for all heavy duty enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication system operating under heavy or shock loud condition up to 1000C.

PERFORMANCE LEVEL: Meets IS: 8406-1993(RA 2006), DIN 51517 Part 3